Fan Di'an:“Happy Chinese New Year" event has traditional culture as well as creative ideas

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On February 17, 2015 in New York time, or on Chinese New Year’s Eve in Beijing, there will be Chinese New Year themed lighting, an exhibition public art, themed fireworks, etc. in landmark buildings in New York, such as the Empire State Building and the Lincoln Center. Renowned artists Xu Jiang, Xu Bing, Guang Xia, Lyu Shengzhong, Zhan Wang, Huang Jiancheng and Chen Wenling and others will present their works, which combine Chinese New Year characteristics with public art and contemporary creativity, to millions of residents and tourists of New York, inviting them to experience a unique Chinese New Year.

Fan Di’an, President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), said that CAFA has played an important role in large national cultural projects. When speaking of the development of CAFA, he mentioned that CAFA needed to think about how art could form a closer relationship with society in the new historical development, and it was especially important to promote the integration of disciplines, develop major exploration subjects, and to find an artistic development path with Chinese characteristics. President Fan also spoke of his opinions on public art as a communications medium between two countries, and to spread festival culture, and on the “Happy Chinese New Year” event. He thinks that “Happy Chinese New Year” can represent contemporary China, especially the development of China from a cultural perspective. “Fantastic Art China”, as the “Happy Chinese New Year” event in New York, has invited CAFA to be the curator, which has supplied both traditional forms and the innovative creativity of contemporary China.

It has been learned that the events will kick off on February 18, 2015, the Chinese New Year’s Eve, and will last one week, until February 24, the 6th day of the Chinese New Year. Art China, as the officially designated website (, will record and broadcast live the grand occasion of the “Happy Chinese New Year•Fantastic Art China” New York Series of Events.

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